Crimean web-master afraid to move into the national domain zone .RU Russia

Despite the large number of votes cast in the population of Crimea “for” the introduction of the autonomous republic of the Russian Federation, the Crimean web-sites are still in the Ukrainian domain zone – .UA. This is evidenced by numerous online research. According to recent figures, only two of the Crimean web-resource moved from Ukrainian domain space in the Russian zone .RU. Believe this information is not particularly want to, and there is no way, because the information does not confirm or deny any of the parties. The only thing we can say for sure, is that a special excitement about change domain zone among the Crimean web-masters are not observed.

According to the administration of the domain .UA, all Crimean domains continue to work and pay the subscription fee. Most likely, the mass transfer in the Russian zone not, because many do not fully believe in the excommunication of the peninsula in favor of the Russian Federation.

Russian companies are reported according to their statistics, only two of the Crimean site had to change the Ukrainian “nationality” to “Russian”. Among them, the site of the referendum and the site of the Crimean parliament. Both resources in connection with the transition of the Ukrainian national domain zone in Russia, have serious technical problems.

Yet say how much the entire time required for the transition of the Crimean web-sites of Ukrainian domain zone in Russia is practically impossible. First of all, this is due to lack of practice. Most likely, the site owners need time, during which they will decide in favor of or transfer of the domain zone .UA Ukrainian to Russian .RU or abandon the idea.

The first such step, likely to make public resources. This is because the site owners, changing the domain space, automatically change its state affiliation. Because ordinary citizens do so only after the change of the national domain zone main “backbone” of the site.

In order to move from the Ukrainian domain zone in Russian, you need to register a new domain in a zone .RU or any other Russian-speaking area. The annual cost of operating the domain in RuNet is 600 rubles. In this domain in the national zone of Ukraine can retain avoiding their complete elimination. Any site can be linked to multiple domains.

Launched free registration sites in the domain zone .DETI

June 22, 2014
From the beginning of 2014 in a network that is constantly discussed topic emergence of a new domain zone .DETI. The main objective of this domain is specified as the appearance of a special virtual space based on the children’s audience, the so-called secure online environment for minors users.

In June 2014 Fund “Intelligent Internet” message circulated on the network to start the registration sites in the area .DETI. Naturally, all the registered domain sites are required to carefully check their content for the general safety of the juvenile audience, which norms established by the existing Federal Law of Russia.

The main consumer .DETI domain zone, according to the authors of the project, first of all, should be the children’s organizations, educational institutions, sites specializing in the sale of children’s products, and so on. N.

During the registration site in the domain zone .DETI web-master must provide the trademark rights. If the condition is met, the registration procedure will be performed free of charge. Funded area .DETI will profit at the expense of national domains Russia – .rf and .ru.

End of priority registration in the zone .DETI scheduled for August this year.